Siddhant Agnihotri Biography, Age, Wife, Study IQ, Study Glows, Date of birth, Net Worth, Marriage, Qualification, wikipedia, contact details


Siddhant Agnihotri Biography, Age, Wife, Study IQ, Study Glows, Date of birth, Net Worth, Marriage, Qualification, wikipedia 

After the 2019 lock down, almost all works in India have gone online, and education is no exception. From Nursery to Govt Competitive Exam preparation all are now available online at very low cost with guidance from experienced teachers.

One such teacher is "Siddhanta Agnihotri Sir" who has been tutoring UPSC aspirants at StudyIQ IAS for a long time and he is well known for preparing lectures on biographies of famous people of the world and their ideologies on YouTube channel of StudyIQ IAS.

Siddhant Agnihotri Biography
Siddhant Agnihotri Biography

Today we at are going to discuss all the known and unknown stories of Siddhant Agnihotri sir's life, how he is a middle class family boy.

How did he start his UPSC journey? Then how to StudyIQ IAS teachers and join? And subsequently how did he become a successful entrepreneur and teacher?

• Who is Siddhant Agnihotri ? 

Siddhant Agnihotri is an educator and entrepreneur. He taught at Kew IAS Coaching Center in Study for many years and was famous for uploading biographies of world renowned personalities and lectures on their philosophy on Study IQ IAS YouTube channel.

Siddhant Agnihotri
Siddhant Agnihotri 

[ Personal Details ] : - 

Full Name : -             Siddhant Agnihotri

Father Name : - 

Wife Name : -            Rishi Singhal

Born : -                        1993

Birthplace : -              Uttar Pradesh, India 

Age : -                          30 years old

Height : -                    5.7 inch

Weight : -                    79 kg

Hair colour : -           Black

Skin colour : -          Brown

Eye colour : -           Deep black

Education : -            M.Sc 

Profession : -           Educator and Entrepreneur

Hobby : -                  Reading and Travelling 

Hometown : -.         Lucknow, UP

Resident : -              Lucknow, UP

Religion : -               Hindu

Nationality : -         Indian

[ Siddhant Agnihotri Biography ] : - 

Siddhant Agnihotri was born in 1993 in Lakshnau, Uttar Pradesh. In the beginning of his life he had to go through severe financial crisis. After higher secondary, he graduated in history from Lucknow Christian Degree College in 2014.

After that, Baba Saheb Bhimrao completed his Masters in History from Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow in 2016. After that he prepared for UPSC Civil Service Exam for one year. While preparing for UPSC, he realized that he likes teaching others more than his UPSC exam.

 So he applied for teaching at a UPSC coaching center in Delhi, he joined there on 22nd December 2017, he was hired as a senior faculty due to his teaching style and students' interest in his teaching. 

After teaching at UPSC Preparation Coaching Center for three years, he opened his own center named "study". He has a YouTube channel where he creates various content related to UPSC Civil Service Exam.

[ Education Qualification ] : - 

After his secondary examination he did B.Sc History from Lucknow Christian Degree College in 2014, followed by M.Sc History from Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Central University of Lucknow, UGC, NET 

[ Affairs / Relationship ] : - 

Siddhant Agnihotri got married to Rashi Singhal in November 2022. Rashi Singhal is a UPSC teacher who teaches at Study Glows Leading Institute.

Siddhant Agnihotri Wife Rashi Singhal
Siddhant Agnihotri Wife Rashi Singhal Image 

[ Profession ] : - 

After graduation, after several years of UPC preparation, he started his career as a UPSC teacher. And impresses everyone with her unique dressing style.

[ Join & Work study IQ IAS ] : - 

Siddhant Agnihotri was appointed as a teacher at StudyIQ IAS Coaching Center on 22 December 2017 and started teaching. It soon gained popularity among students for its simple and attractive teaching method. 

Seeing his popularity, he was given a senior faculty position. Also, he has uploaded lectures on biographies of various world famous people on YouTube channel of StudyIQ IAS. In 2021, he left studyIQ IAS and started his own center.

Siddhant Agnihotri
Siddhant Agnihotri 

[ Why He quit studyIQ IAS ] : - 

Siddhant Agnihotri taught as senior faculty at studyIQ IAS for three and a half years and was loved by all the senior teachers there. After that the question comes to everyone's mind why he left studyIQ IAS?

 In a video Siddhant sir said that studyIQ IAS is very good educational platform and no one else had any problem with him.

He wants to work in his own coaching center study glows that's why he left studyIQ IAS .

[ Study Glows ] : - 

In 2021 he opened his own UPSC platform called study Glows. There are very essential study materials for UPSC and State PSC aspirants, 

Founder and CEO study glows
Fountain CEO study glows

such as – Economic, Polity, Geography, Science & Tech, Yojana & Schemes, Important Daily Current Affairs are available completely free. Also there are various courses available at low cost.

There is also a YouTube channel called @studyglows where sir and his team regularly upload current affairs based videos on economics, politics, diplomacy, geography, science and tech.

Siddhant Agnihotri And Wife  Rashi Singhal Morning Work
Siddhant Agnihotri And his Wife Rashi Singhal Morning Work 

[ Siddhant Agnihotri contact details ] : - 

Facebook         YouTube

Instagram.       Twitter  


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