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 After the corona pandemic, most of the work has started online, and education is no different. If you are thinking about UPSC preparation then you must have heard the name of Amit sir. Amit Kilor sir currently guides students at Study IQ IAS Coaching Center. 

Amit Kilhor Biography Age GF And More
Amit Kilhor Biography Age GF And More

Where he inspired and guided thousands of students of the country and prepared them for the Civil Servant Exam. He is popular for the ease and simplicity of his teaching. Let's know more about Amit Kilhor. Today in the article we have provided you the biography of Amit Kilhor sir… 


Many students who are preparing for Civil Servants know Amit Kilor sir. His different style went viral on YouTube. Amit sir's full name is Amit Varidhi Kilhor.

He started teaching on YouTube from 2018. Prepared hundreds of civil servants in his own way of dressing. Born in Gurgaon, Delhi, Amit Kilor sir himself wanted to become a civil servant but his dream could not be fulfilled.

Let's know that after going through the UPSC and downs of life, he has become a role model for all the students preparing for Civil Servants.

Amit Kilhor young photo
Amit Kilhor young photo 

[Personal Details ] : - 

 Name :.                      Amit Varidhi Kilhor

Father Name :          Amir Singh

 Mother Name :        Raj Rani 

Girlfriend Name :     No 

Best friend name :.   Sushank Tyagi

Date of birth :           1989

Birthplace :                Gurugram,Haryana, Delhi 

Age :                           33 Year Old 

Height :                       5 feet 3 Inches 

Weight :                     62 kg

Education :.              Engineering and UPSC Aspirant

Profession :              Teaching&Guiding other UPSC aspirants

Nationality :            Indian 

Relationship :.        Unmarried

Religion :.                Hindu 

Amit kilhor Prelims Score : 148 + 

Amit Kilhor young image
Amit Kilhor young image 


[ Biography ] : - 

Amit Kilor was born in 1989 in Gurugram area of Delhi. He was very confident and very talented from a young age. That's why he was the favorite student of all the teachers in the school. 

He studied in an English medium school in Delhi. He was the topper of his class, achieved excellent results in secondary and ranked the school. 

Amit Kilhor with friends
Amit Kilhor with friends 

After passing the secondary examination, he studied science, and after completing higher secondary, he Studied computer engineering. worked in a private company doing computer engineering.  

After a few months of working in a private company as a computer engineer, he quit and started preparing for the UPSC exam. Joined Delhi's famous UPSC preparation coaching center Vajiram and started studying from there. (in 2011)

A total of 6 times the mens gave.And was accepted for interview twice. In 2017 he joined UnAcademy as a teacher, in 2021 he joined StudyIQ IAS. 

[ UPSC journey ] : - 

In 2011, he left his computer engineering job and came to Old Rajendranagar to prepare for civil servant. He did it at Vajiram, a famous coaching center in Delhi. 

From 2012 to 2017, he gave the mains exam 6 times and interviewed twice. (He got selected in prelims every time with a score of 148+ much higher than the cutoff)

Students Amit Kilhor
Students Amit Kilhor 

[ Family ] : - 

Amit belongs to a Hindu family in Gurugram, Delhi. His family consists of his parents and a pet dog. His father's name is Amir Singh and his mother's name is Raj Rani. 

His father Amir Singh is a businessman from Delhi and his mother is a housewife. "Coco" about whom Amit Kilhor sir shares videos and posts daily on his Instagram handle, is a friend's daughter. He is not married yet.


[ Qualification/Education ] : - 

After secondary school he studied science, and after higher secondary he did computer engineering. After that he took preparation for Civil Servant Exam in Delhi.He studied at Vajiram Coaching Center while preparing for his civil services exam.

Amit kilhor and his girlfriend
Amit kilhor and his girlfriend

[ Relationship Status / Love story ] : - 

Since childhood, Amit Kilhor was very confident and talented. That is why all the teachers of the school loved him very much. He proposed to his English grammar teacher in class seven. But the teacher rejected him very politely. 

After secondary school, she enrolled in another school with science, where she fell in love with the first person and the relationship lasted for ten years. Later on Amit did not succeed in UPSC EXAM and broke up between them due to frustration and anxiety. 

[ Occupation ] : - 

Currently, he is a teacher and guide through his eight years of UPSC journey through various platforms. Spread it among his students, so that they can achieve faster success in UPSC exam. 

[ Amit Kilhor Unacademy ] : - 

Amit Kilhor joined Unacademy as a teacher in August 2017. There, he taught NCRT and Current Affairs and uploaded videos to Unacademy's YouTube channel. He left the academy in 2021.

[ Amit Kilhor Study IQ IAS ] : - 

He joined Study IQ IAS after leaving Unacademy in 2021. Study IQ IAS YouTube Channel He started several NCERT playlists (eg: Spectrum Series, Indian Art and Culture, And Indian Polity). 

Among which Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth became popular for teaching complete. Currently he runs a playlist called Daily Current Affairs at Study IQ IAS where he discusses daily current affairs.

[ Important life events ] : - 

• Since childhood, Amit Kilor was very confident and talented. He proposed to his English grammar teacher in class seven. But the teacher rejected him very politely. 

• He succeeded in his preliminaries a total of 6 times. Passed the mains exam twice.That's amazing 

Amit kilhor UPSC Registration certificate

• He has given UPSC prelims exam total six times in his life. His last prelims in 2017 given his admit card is given below. 

• Amit Kilor failed to become an IAS even after giving UPSC ATTEMPT six times in his life. 

• Amit Kilhor gave total six times Prilims in his UPSC journey and in all six times he cleared UPSC fillings with more than required marks.Below is his Marksheet of 2017 Prilims Exam.

Amit kilhor UPSC Admit Card
Amit kilhor UPSC amit card

[ Areas of achievement ] : - 

  • He succeeded in his preliminaries a total of 6 times. Passed the mains exam twice.That's amazing 

Amit kilhor best friend
Amit kilhor best friend 

• He scored 140 plus in UPSC prelims every time, where the cut off was between 90 and 105.

   • Although he himself did not succeed in the UPSC examination, he is always present in the minds of all UPSC students because of his unique teaching style and simplicity. 

Amit Kilhor with Oja sir
Amit Kilhor with Oja sir 

[ Amit Kilhor Contact Details ] : - 

Facebook.       YouTube

Instagram.      Twitter 


Important Facts about Amit kilhor : - 

• During Amit's UPSC study time in Delhi's Rajendra Nagar, he could understand the library's crucial role. After completing all attempts of the UPSC, when he felt completely disappointed and couldn't grasp anything earlier, an entrepreneurial idea struck his mind. He decided to open the library in Rajendra Nagar, where other aspirants could come and study, and in return, he would charge a fee. With this idea in mind, he opened the library in Delhi's Rajendra Nagar.

Amit kilhor sir Open library in Rajendra Nagar
Amit kilhor open library in Rajendra Nagar

• FAQ : -

Q: Amit kilhor per month salary ?

Ans : Amit Kilhor partner salary 10 Lakh rupees .

Q : Amit kilhor Roll number Prilims Exam ? 

Ans : 0020825.

Q : Amit kilhor Prilims Score & Rank ? 

Ans : Score = 148 , Rank = NO

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